What’s happening guys! Alright, first post!

Now where to begin… I really wanna knock this first post out, it’s like a first impression…



Alright, maybe not that kind of knockout. But something along the lines of that. (Thanks Rocky)

ANYWAY, let’s get down to business after that terrible segway (get use to it). My name is Frank and I love talking about entertainment, more specifically in Movies and TV. For a more in-depth reason for why I’m doing this, you should read about it in my “About Me” section first! It’s like my origin story, it’s a cool read!

What I’ll be doing here on this blog is talking anything in the realm of Film/Television, going in-depth with analyses on upcoming shows and/or movies. I’m basically giving you my take on whether I think something is worth your time.

Hence the name, “Frank’s Takes” because I’m Frank… I’m giving you my take… thus Frank’s Takes is born. IT’S CLEVER AND CATCHY!

Now for the $64,000 question; when will I post my first review? Patience, Young Skywalker. Just like this first post, I really do want to have a knockout movie kickoff my blog. And as luck would have it, a HUGE blockbuster movie is coming out next week on May 6th!



Yeahhh, huge. Thank you, Donald. (Who the hell let that guy in here?)

With all that said, I’m excited to announce that Captain America: Civil War will be the first movie I review on this blog! You can’t tell me how not awesome that is. And from all the early reviews I’ve heard and read around web, this promises to be a thrill ride of a movie. Civil War comes out Friday, May 6th so I’ll mostly post my review the following week of it’s release so get excited! I’m planning on posting something new once every week just for the sake of consistency.

On a little more serious note, I’m really excited to share my Movie and TV insight with all of you with the help of this blog. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through writing and I believe this blog will help me do justice! I’d truly appreciate and encourage all of you to share this site along with my reviews among friends, family, co-workers, students, on a campus, etc. SPREAD THE WORD!

So until next time… Keep it 100.