Anyone who has ever had access to Netflix’s unlimited library of movies has most likely found themselves in this situation once before. You log on and you begin to search, and search, and search for something new to catch your eye for what seems to be a long period of time. You’ve been browsing for what feels like hours to the point where you’ve become bored of searching and don’t even feel like watching anything anymore. It’s a struggle and we’ve all been there.

But not to worry, your search is over! I’ve got a recommendation that’ll keep you captivated and on the edge of your seat, in one convenient and thrilling Netflix movie.

Hush_2016_poster.jpg Hush is directed by Mike Flanagan and stars John Gallagher Jr.Michael Trucco, Samantha Sloyan, and Kate Siegal, who also happens to have co-written this film along with Flanagan. This movie is about Maddie Young, a young female author who basically lives in the boonies inside a small cottage alone by herself. She has been living a seemingly simple life until one evening an unhinged masked man shows up at her household and begins to stalk her from the outside her home.

The plot sounds pretty straightforward so far, right? Well, there is one caveat that should be known. This young female author happens to be deaf and mute. She can’t hear a thing, she can’t speak, and the only way she can communicate is through sign language. So in this case, that is a huge dilemma. This psychotic masked man quickly realizes her disability and begins to take advantage of her.


I gotta say right off the bat, I found this movie very unsettling, but however very thrilling at the same time. This isn’t a typical, cookie-cutter horror movie. It’s more enticing than scary, which is actually really refreshing to me. I’ve seen countless movies in the past that follow the same step-by-step process when it comes to making a horror movie 101. Yes, there have been many home-invasion types of movies, but Hush does something a bit different. The killer doesn’t want to get inside the house right away and she kill her, he just wants to toy and play mind games with this disabled woman. He wants to mentally break her until the time is right in his deranged mind to enter.


After the initial introductions and the movie really begins to pick up, I felt a strong Tom & Jerry vibe around the two main characters, Maddie and the killer. With her cell phone gone and the power out in her house, Maddie has to use nothing but her wits and willpower in order to survive this night of terror. Every time Maddie looked to have gotten a one-up on this killer, I cheered for her. I kid you not, I literally went “yeah!” at my TV when she got the upper hand on this guy. This film and Kate Siegal do a great job in making the audience care about her character, you really want her to live. Even John Gallagher Jr. nails his role as the killer to make you hate his guts. He portrays a complete scumbag and you want to see him get his ass handed to him. This back and forth demented game of cat and mouse is what kept me entertained for the majority of this film, there are a lot of close calls and a couple of false finishes that make this chase fun to watch.


All in all, I’m going to give Hush a “B+” on my movie grading scale. Nothing is absolutely mind-blowing about this movie, but in its simplicity makes for a real fun and entertaining thriller. It’s well-acted and crafted story that won’t go over your head with any convoluted or confusing sub-plots like a standard horror movie. In my opinion, this is strictly a thriller movie. If you’re not looking for something too scary and/ or gory, but you’re looking for something different, check this film out, guys. It’s currently streaming on Netflix only so you can watch it anytime at your convenience. Maybe just don’t watch it by yourself at night if you tend to tweak easily.

And if you don’t take my word for it, look what Stephen King said about it.

Yeah, that Stephen King!

As always, thanks so much reading and until next time, keep it 100.

– Frank