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First things first; my name isn’t really Frank. It’s Franco (as in Frawn-koh). Franco Bosco. My name is Franco Bosco. For the past couple of years, the name “Frank” has just become a part of my life. At some point in time when I was a junior in high school, one day in class  someone just decided to  call me Frank. From then on out, the name stuck and a good majority of people starting calling me Frank, family and friends included. Trust me, explaining this now will make more sense later in this bio.

Alright… Now we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what I’m all about.

Now in a nutshell, I’m just a 19 year-old guy from Wisconsin that attends UW-Parkside, majors in Journalism & Broadcasting and happens to love to entertain, including entertainment itself. But if I just said that, then this wouldn’t be much of an “About Me” section. So allow me to entice you, to delight you, to excite you with my story! *insert to cool segway line here*

I’ve always considered myself to be very expressive. I’m the kind of guy that wears his heart on sleeve. I’m a passionate kind of guy. If something is on my mind, I gotta talk to someone about it. Whether my mouth has gotten me into more trouble than I’d like to admit, (and it has) it has not stopped me from speaking my mind. When I feel strong enough about something, I wanna talk about it! I’m just very vocal to say the least. And the one thing that has caught my attention the most and in the best way in the past 10 years, is none other than the Film and Television Industry.

One of my earliest recollection of falling in love with this form of entertainment, was the first time I sat down and watched Director, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002). I was probably around 6-years old at the time, so the movie was already out for a year, but I just remember the awesome time I had watching it. My parents had bought it on a VHS tape (yeah, back in the day) and I remember watching it almost every morning. I seriously wished I was Spider-Man, I mean who wouldn’t? It’s Spider-Man, he’s amazing!

Upon growing up and as my brain matured along with me, I really began to understand what made films and television so great. They’re an escape. An escape from our regular lives. They bring us into their world for a period of time, whether it’s good or bad in an attempt to entertain us. Any kind of film or television is truly a work of art and that honestly speaks to me. In short, I love entertainment. In turn, it makes me want to talk about movies and shows in depth and that’s where this blog comes into play. Hence the name, “Frank’s Takes”(copyright pending) because it sounds catchy and it my take on something. Short and sweet!

I’ve decided to use this blog as an outlet, if you will to express my love and obsession for talking about Television Shows and Movies that I think are worth your time. I’ll be talking in-depth analysis on I will see on a daily basis, whether it’s on TV or at the theater. I will most likely post something to read once every week to stay consistent when it comes to putting out new content. In addition, I wish for others to partake in the madness of my reviews whether it’s sharing my site or commenting on my review. I love and encourage feedback of all kinds! Doesn’t matter if it’s praise or criticism, I would love to hear YOUR take on my reviews and the film itself! Just don’t try to tell me that Greedo shot first, because c’mon… He didn’t, there’s no denying that Han shot first.

Now that you know me a little better, you can check me out and give me a follow on a couple of my social media accounts if you like!

TWITTER- ImFrancoBosco

INSTAGRAM- ImFrancoBosco

SNAPCHAT- FrancoBosco27


For business inquiries – heelfbosco@gmail.com

Now that I’ve knocked out this “About Me” section and since you’ve made it this far, I think YOU deserve an award! So here’s a gif of Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer from Parks and Reaction mule kicking a TV.

We made it!


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